Your accommodation for an unforgettable holiday in Upper Carniola – Slovenia

​… in one of our 4 cozy, comfortable and fully furnished apartments with WIFI and private parking.

​We are a Swiss family and look forward to many nice guests, to whom we can bring and show the beautiful surroundings of Oberkrain a little closer.

​Because of the versatility of the region, our location is ideal starting point by our guests. Village Gorje is on the edge of Triglav national park and is surrounded by Julian Alps and Karavanke. It is perfect for walks, bycicle tours, rafting, paragliding, golf, geochaching, to make fotografies or for example to see Castle Bled, or St. Marys church on the island, unforgetable ride with the boat Pletna and a lot more. And you can also bathe in lake Bled, which is very fun.

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Famous 1600 metrov long gorge Vintgar, with its 16 meter high wild Waterfall “Sum”, by the way the highest Waterfall of Slovenia, it is easily accessible by foot, and is really worth of seeing it.
Lake Bled is accessible by car, on foot and also with public transport. If you are having a nice walk around lake, you can also stop to have some very known cream cake “Kremšnita”.
Trips to Postojna, Lipica and Ljubljana are very recommendable. As our guest you can make a connection between intact nature and modern Slovene.
All vacation suites are completely furnished, kitchen with glassceramic plate and a bar, bedroom with closet, garderobe with a mirror, bathroom with a shower, toilet and hairdryer. All suits have kabel TV, electronic safe and a free access to the internet, and also a privat parking spot.

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